About Leadx Nepal

About Leadx Nepal

This is where the leaders are recognised as we believe there is a leader is every person. Leadx celebrates vulnerabilities because it is an integral part of who we are. Creating supporting and enabling platform to ask difficult and personal questions. It assists youths to explore opportunities in global arena. Invests in “Knowledge and Impact” investment. Leadx is the bridge essential for growth and development in terms of personality, in terms of career, in terms of personal development and self-acceptance. Leadx paves path for those searching to develop beyond what meets the eye.

Leadership journey


Before you lead other you need to integrate and reflect how to lead your own life. What is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of your leadership? What is the value you’re creating for the company and for yourself? Many people work for the sake of it, to pay the bills and their personal value doesn’t match with the organisational value. They then become frustrated and unhappy. What the leadership journey does is out people from different walks of life come together and take their individual journey with the nature in Nepal. It could be Everest it could be a trek.

This journey is called unlocking, unblocking and validating. You’ll not only know your physical potential, but your emotional and spiritual potential as well.  When you unlock all the potential that you’re capable of doing, achieving, something you might have never tried before, you’re also finding barriers that stopped you from doing what you’re doing.  So unblocking process unfolds. Validating is journey that you take other either in work or in life or in education, every sector. Validating is all about the process you have gone through. Validation is all about process. There’s no shortcut, there’s a process to it. But we need to start looking at those processes. During this we become vulnerable and it’s okay to be vulnerable.

This journey is an impact journey too. Participants raise funds to make a difference. It’s a group impact.

  • Close interactive session with Newday

This is a collaboration of Leadx and Newday, an Australian company led by Katrina Webb. It is a closed group because it is going beyond CVs, building trust, and being in a safe and non-judgmental circle. Participants are women entrepreneurs from Australia, Nepal, New Zealand, UK, and Scotland and the purpose is to look beyond the differences and find commonalities in life, in business.

Nepalese leadership Development: Bringing authentic leaders together to find the solutions for the national and global challenges while sharing knowledge and supporting each other to achieve next height in their business.

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Leadx is a platform that recognizes the leader in every individual and celebrates vulnerabilities as an integral part of who we are.

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