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Leadership Training

Leadership Training

LeadX Nepal aims to build quality future leaders of Nepal. It directly connects Nepalese students with the international companies and institutions with the process fees of Re. 0. We are a youth welfare-focused company directing Nepalese students towards a better and sustainable future. Leadx helps youths to attain growth and development in terms of personality, career, personal development and self-acceptance.

Leadx Nepal through its Leadership Training Program aims to fill in the vacuum in knowledge and skills. We fulfill the demand for highly specialized skilled manpower for global industry and try to make Nepal a talent hub for the global industry. Starting with IT Industry with specializations in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Analytics, Block Chain, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Extended Reality (Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality), Internet of Things, User Interface / User eXperience Design, Developer (Software, Apps & Web), Network & Information Security. The overall means is by Investing in Relationship Building and Value Addition. Eventually this pool of talent could, later, be expanded to other industry sectors in Hospitality, Agriculture and Medical Care.

Nepal has potential youths who only need a suitable platform to grow themselves. Thus, a much-needed leadership training in Nepal was established with the assistance of Connect Job. 

Today LeadX Academy works for job placements in the major sectors- IT, Engineering, and Hospitality. Newer ideas are being implemented along with the necessity. Now, the company is open for +2 graduates to apply for further studies in Japan. Leadx Academy provides:

- Intelligence and Strategy

- Policy Development and Advocacy

- Communication

- Language & Culture Course

- Internship - domestic & METI

- Job Application

- Job Offer

- Job Joining


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Leadx is a platform that recognizes the leader in every individual and celebrates vulnerabilities as an integral part of who we are.

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